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Terms of Use

Terms of Use

1.1 General Partnership Company under the name "K. KALOGIROU AND YIOI O.E." (hereinafter, the "Company"), based in Thessaloniki, on 79 Avenue Papanikolaou Str., Pefka, Thessaloniki, Greece, Tel. 2310675283, email address, VAT number 997988762, DOY e ' Thessaloniki, No. GEMI 043352206000, created and manages this website "" (hereinafter, the "website"), for the presentation of its business activity and the promotion of its products and services.

2.1 These terms govern the use of the website and its services by the visitor/user (hereinafter, the user), as well as the processing of any personal data of its visitors. The user is asked to read carefully and accept these terms. In case of disagreement of the user with any of the terms, he/she must discontinue and avoid browsing the site and notify its administrator.
Responsibility – Security
3.1 The content of the website is provided "as is". All possible efforts are made to ensure the security and validity of the content. However, the company does not commit, neither guarantees nor assumes any responsibility regarding the content and security of the website. The user accepts that he/she uses the posted content and services offered on his/her own responsibility.

User obligations
4.1 The user accepts and recognizes all intellectual property rights belonging to or may belong to the company (except for certain rights of third parties) regarding the form and content of the website, which are protected by the Relevant provisions of Greek, Union and international law. Indicatively, these rights relate to trademarks, distinctive features, photographs, texts, announcements, registered or not.
4.2 The user undertakes not to offend these rights in any way, as it is expressly forbidden to use, copy, store, reproduce, republish, transmit, publish, download, save, translate and Modification of part or all of the content of the website and the services offered to it without the prior written permission of the owner.
4.3 The user undertakes to make lawful and appropriate use of the website, in compliance with Greek and EU law.

4.4 The user accepts that he understands the international character of the Internet and undertakes to observe the appropriate behavior (netiquette). In cases where the user is given the opportunity to publish or send to the company any information, audiovisual material, text, link to another website or in general a readable/executable file from a computer or Other electronic device, for their content is solely responsible for the user who made the sending/publication. It is recalled that for each publication/mission it is necessary to have the right to transmit the content either under the applicable law or under any lawful contractual relationship of the user. In any case, the contents of the aforementioned data are prohibited:
4.4.1 to be unlawful, abusive, vulgar, pornographic, threatening, libelous, harassing, harmful to minors or to express national, racial or other discrimination;
4.4.2 to violate intellectual or other proprietary rights of third parties. Including trade marks and secrets as well as patent.

4.4.3 to include any virus, harmful software or code (malware), unsolicited advertising material (pop-up) and unsolicited bulk mail (spam) that can cause either temporary or permanent damage/malfunction in any hardware or computer software or smart or non-electronic devices, either delays, interruptions and interruptions in the functions of servers or any telecommunications network.
4.4.4 to contain a false statement as to the user's face or imitation of any person (physical or legal).
4.4.5 to contain false, inaccurate or deliberate incomplete information as to the person, property, personal information and reason for visiting the user concerned.

4.5 The user is obliged not to use the website for the conduct of operations, which may result in prosecution or initiation of any civil or administrative proceedings against the company for operations, which are indicative They refer to the Penal Code, to special criminal laws, to the legislation on the protection of personal data, to the legislation on telecommunications, to the European Convention on Human Rights and to the relevant legislation of the European Union, the National Telecommunications Committee, the Data Protection authority and any other public or administrative authority and service, as well as for acts which could infringe any right or other legitimate interest of the Company or a third party.
4.6 In the event of unlawful or contrary with these terms of use of the website, the user is obligated to compensate the company for any damage caused by this use and in the immediate lifting of the infringement. The company reserves the right to exercise all other legal rights.

4.7 In the event that any third party is legally liable against the company or the administrators of the website for infringement of any legal object, which is covered by the terms of use in the user's field of responsibility, the company It reserves the right to turn reducing against this user. Together with any claims of the third party, the company reserves the right to claim compensation from the user for breach of the terms of use and for any legal consequence arising from it.

Registration – Newsletter
5.1 No user registration is required for browsing the site.
5.2 If desired, the user can subscribe to the newsletter of the company, providing this e-mail address. Sharing this address with the company, the user accepts the company's communication with him for promotional and advertising purposes. The Company undertakes not to promote this address to third parties.
5.3 The user has the possibility to unsubscribe from the newsletter of the company at any time, by disclosing his intention to the company. After this notification, the e-mail address of the company is deleted from each of the records within 5 working days.

Protection of personal data
6.1 Legislative framework
6.1.1 Processing of personal data is considered to be any action related to the collection, registration, organisation, preservation or storage, modification, export, use, transmission, dissemination or any other form of disposal, correlation or combination, interconnection, Commitment, deletion or destruction of personal data (hereinafter "processing").
6.1.2 for the processing of personal data of the user, the company acts as a controller and this processing is done in accordance with the Greek legislation. The company declares that it complies fully with the provisions of the applicable Greek law (European regulation 679/2016 and Greek legislation).
6.2 Data provided directly by the user

6.2.1 The company processes the information provided by the user through the website, either by subscribing to the newsletter of the company, or by completing the contact form or by filing a CV. This information is indicative: The user's name, e-mail address, telephone number, age, card and any other personal data is derived from his CV.
6.2.2 If the user disagrees with the use of his data for the promotion and advertising of the company's services can declare it where it is asked when completing the aforementioned forms of communication.
6.3 Data obtained through the use of cookies

6.3.1 the website uses small files called microdata (cookies) to help us tailor your experience. Microdata (cookies) are small text files that contain information that is sent by the Web page's management software and stored on the computer's hard disk or in the storage space of each user's portable device. The microdata is sent when you visit the Web page. These data may include the type of server that each user uses, the type of computer, its operating system, Internet service providers, and other information of this kind.
6.3.2 The microdata does not cause any damage to your computer or mobile device or to any files stored in it, and they do not receive any knowledge of any document or file from the user's computer. The microdata cannot reveal the identity of the user but may be used to identify his or her computer.

6.3.3 microdata is typically classified in session microdata (microdata functionality) and persistent microdata. Session microdata does not remain on the user's computer after it exits the Web site or from the browser. The permanent microdata are the ones that remain on the user's computer to allow it to be identified by the website and to facilitate its navigation. Persistent microdata can be deleted by the user himself.
6.3.4 the use of microdata is technically necessary for the complete realization of the user's connection to the website. For this reason, before browsing the website, the user is required to accept the storage of micro-data files on his computer, as provided in article 5 (3) of Directive 2002/58/EC, as transposed into Greek law.
6.3.5 The company can utilize the microdata for various reasons, indicatively:

(a) for the purpose of conducting surveys for statistical purposes and/or for improving the content and services of the website and/or to assess its effectiveness as well as for the instantaneous recording of public opinion trends.
(b) For marketing purposes to measure the effectiveness of advertisements on our website, how visitors use it, as well as to display advertisements related to the company's website on other websites, based on Previous user visits to it.
(c) The possibility of presenting and operating advertising messages (banners).
(d) Social networking microdata

6.3.6 the company can use Web beacons (also called transparent GIF files, pixels or action tags, web bugs). These technologies are codes that offer a small graphical image on a website or in an email. Web beacons can recognize certain kinds of information on your computer, such as microdata, the date and time that a page is displayed, and a description of the page on which the Web beacon resides. In general, any file that was part of a website can act as web beacon. Web beacons are used for the purpose of evaluating user experience and preferences, as well as statistical logging. Third parties may also use Web beacons on the website to receive control, research and reporting information or to understand the user's interests and tailor to these advertisements.
6.3.7 some of the third-party partners on the site may use Flash-type microdata, otherwise known as local shared objects (LSOs – Locally Shared Objects). Flash-type microdata is used to identify the user's interests through the articles you consult and generally to monitor user behaviors. LSOs retain data collections such as microdata, stored in a directory on a user's computer, and installed through the Flas video player

6.4 Customer data of the company
6.4.1 The company processes the personal data of its customers for the purposes imposed by the execution of the contract and agreement between them.
6.4.2 the user provides his consent, expressly agrees and unreservedly accepts any processing action that the company will undertake in the context of the provision of its services to the user, indicatively in order to represent the user, and to It mediates in the relevant procedures with the public and tax authorities to ensure and serve the financial, accounting, tax and other related needs of the user.
6.4.3 the personal data of the user are retained throughout the duration of the contract with the company and for two (2) years after its expiration, unless a longer period is foreseen under applicable tax legislation. You may request deletion of your personal data in a shorter period of time, which we will abide by, if permitted.

6.5 User Consent
6.5.1 the user of the website and the services must read carefully the terms of use, and in case of disagreement must refrain from it first and inform the Law Office of Mr. Papastavrou Vassileiou, Politechniou 31, 54626 Thessaloniki, Tel. 2310532387, Fax: 2310512226, e-mail:, who is the data protection officer for the Company (hereinafter referred to as "Data protection officer").
6.5.2 by accepting the terms of use and by voluntary providing the required personal data, the user consents, expressly agrees and unreservedly accepts the processing of such personal data, which is made According to the terms of use.

6.5.3 the user has the right to withdraw his consent to the processing of his data at any time. However, this withdrawal will not affect the lawfulness of the processing based on its consent for the period prior to withdrawal, nor the further processing of the same data, which is carried out under another legal basis, such as the fulfilment of a contract or Need to comply with a legal obligation to which the company is subject.
6.6 Purpose of treatment
6.6.1 any processing of personal data made by the company takes place for legitimate and lawful purposes associated with the provision of the services chosen by the user.
6.6.2 the user expressly declares and accepts that the personal data that he registers and discloses to the company and which are collected and processed by it, are relevant, appropriate and not more than is required in view of the aforementioned Processing purposes.

6.6.3 the personal data of the user is used exclusively either for the service of its own financial and tax needs, or for internal use by the company, or on behalf of AΑΑS, if we are requested to do SO And we are obliged to do so. The data is also used to promote the company's services. For example, the e-mail addresses of users are used to send newsletters about the company's services, but to communicate with their customers through social media.
6.6.4 the Company undertakes that it will not use the personal data of the user for any other purposes other than those mentioned herein, without prior information and, where necessary, its approval.
6.7. Right to information, access and display objections
6.7.1 the user retains the rights provided by the provisions of articles 15-22 of the European regulation 679/2016.

6.7.2 in particular, the user reserves the right to be informed about the processing, to have access to the personal data concerning him and which are or have been processed and to object to the Processing of data relating to him, in accordance with the provisions of articles 15-22 of the European regulation 679/2016 and of the Greek legislation. In relation to objections, it may in particular apply for rectification, temporary non-use, freezing, transmission or not, or even deletion of personal data.
6.7.3 for the exercise of the rights conferred on the user, under the aforementioned provisions, it is necessary to communicate with the company, as well as the written information of the responsible data protection for the claims of the user.

Hyperlinks (Hyperlink)
7.1 with the help of appropriate links within the website, you can access third party websites. The placement of these links has been made for the sole purpose of making the user easier during their internet browsing. It is not in any way a sign of acceptance or approval of the content of the websites listed by hyperlink. The respective link leads to a different website, the tour to which is subject to the terms of use of this website. The company bears no responsibility whatsoever for the content and privacy policy of the website that is listed with a link. Access with the use of the links provided on the respective website takes place with the sole responsibility of the user himself.

Modify terms of Use
8.1 The company may at any time amend the present text in writing and without justification. It is therefore recommended that the user periodically check the contents of these terms and if the website and the services continue to accept the modified terms of use. Otherwise, he must refrain from using the services and inform the company. In case of total or partial invalidity or inability to apply individual terms, the validity of all other terms is not affected.

Applicable law and jurisdiction
9.1 These Terms of use, as well as any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with them, shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Greek law. Expressly agreed, signing and it becomes mutually accepted that the courts of Thessaloniki will have exclusive jurisdiction in respect of any dispute or claim that any arise between the company and the user, and is governed by the present.
9.2 However, it is noteworthy that the company has as a fixed objective to resolve amicably and out-of-court any disputes that may arise from the use and/or interpretation and application of these Terms of use. For this reason, in the event that as a user/member you identify a problem from a legal and/or ethical point of view, information or topic on the site, please inform the website administrator directly at

Contact Us
10.1 For further information or questions regarding the above terms of use or for the exercise of any legal right regarding the processing of personal data, the user may contact the company by phone at 231067283 or by e-mail In, while for issues related to your personal data you can contact the Data protection officer, Papastavros Vassileios, Politechniou 31, 54626 Thessaloniki, tel. 2310532387, fax. 2310512226, E-mail: