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Business Tax Services

Only companies that have a concrete and organised tax management strategy plan can hope to avoid the consequences of the global recession and prosper.

The purpose of accounting consistency tax planning and tax services, in the context of a business's overall business strategy, is to avoid tax risks and to receive the greatest possible benefit from the tax prospects concerned.

For this reason, we are coordinated with the strategic development of a business, with the aim of predicting its future needs, but also ideally exploiting the opportunities that will arise. Through careful control of each professional transaction and the determination of the tax consequences, especially in the early business stages of an investment, the immediate and long-term well-being of each business is ensured.


Business Tax Services:
• Immediate information clearly on current changes to tax legislation related to the operation of the business
• Choosing a more appropriate legal form
• Tax Planning and Business Development Strategy
• Planning, avoiding excessive taxation and incorporation.
• Tax planning for cases of succession of the trader, sale of the business, division of industry, merger or division
• Taxation of income of natural and legal persons 
• Tax solutions for covering presumptions and desires 
• Preparation of financial statements in accordance with E.L.P.
• Preparing and updating intragroup transaction documentation dossiers.
• Support in carrying out tax audits and representation before tax authorities.
• Exploiting the tax benefits provided by development laws.
• Support for the acquisition and sale of shares
• Mergers of Companies
• Calculation of business transfer goodwill
• Informing management every two months or per month about the financial data of the company, as derived from the books kept, i.e. results statement

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