European Regional Development Fund

Support to Accountants

In the context of our collaborativeness and availability for continuous development, we provide special support and education services on accounting and tax issues as well as labour law in accounting offices all over Greece.
We support fellow accountants on issues relating to:
• Start, stop and change tasks
• Accounting records of simlosgraphic and duplicate books
• Tax and insurance
• Completion of tax forms
• Work online in taxisnet, EFKA, ERGANI, OAED, sepenet
• Specialized education in accounting, taxation and labour legislation


Accounting payroll
Accountants' Payroll is an innovative service aimed at accounting offices, offering precision in calculating the payroll of their clients, as well as supporting the various work related to labor law. More specifically, the services are provided:

• Submission of all necessary forms to the information system "Ergani" (annual situation, recruitment, withdrawals, termination of contract, change of hours, switching work groups, etc.).
• Calculation of payroll per month
• File preparation and submission of DPa
• Timely information with all insurance and payroll-related insurance and tax liabilities
• Dispatch of payroll and payment receipts
• File creation and submission of remuneration certificates
• Preparation and submission of a VAT declaration.
• Creation and sending a standard payroll accounting article
• Payroll cost budget

Since the beginning of our cooperation, we are committed to maintaining the privacy of your customers' data and data.

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