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Start of a new business – Establishment of a company

The requirements and risk involved in launching a new business require serious and careful planning. Each new business step is also a challenge, the success of which is judged by the readiness and ability to make good decisions.
Sound overall tax planning, valid and timely tax information at a time of continuous and radical changes in tax legislation, as well as flexibility in the face of any contingency, create the right conditions for the successful start a new business with certain and steady steps.

Our trained and experienced tax department is ready to take on the whole process of creating a new company – setting up a company with safety and speed, focusing carefully on the specificities of each case, in order to shape the ideal tax plan that meets the needs of your start-up, but also the goals you have set.

 Support services for the start of a new business – Establishment of a company: 

• preparation of an integrated business plan
• selection of suitable partners for the establishment and operation of your new business
• Selection of an appropriate corporate form (AE, Ltd, IKE, OE, EU, Association, individual)
• design your business tax plan
• Timely and valid information on all recent changes to business-related legislation
• Useful advice and instructions to provide all the information and information needed to complete all accounting tasks correctly and qualitatively, e.g. how to issue documents, how to move, work and insurance
• (Integrated consulting services) support from a large team of experts in their field, such as: Labour, lawyers, engineers, NSRF consultants who act as a single team
• Check whether a special licence to practise is required
• Check whether a special license to operate the facility that will house your business is required.
• Statute of recommendation
• Collection of recommendation documents
• Establishment of a business
• Processing of procedures for the formation of the Company in Chamber, EFKA, GEMI etc.
• Opening a corporate account at hellenic bank
• Administrative support for the payment of the share capital
• Issue of company stamp and corporate forms
• Registration of the company in VIES
• Our company undertakes the establishment of a branch of a Foreign Company in Greece

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