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Payroll - Issue – Management – Budget

Of the most difficult and demanding sectors, the payroll issue requires the combination of labour with insurance legislation. 

The existence of the electronic ERGANI system may have relieved the queues in the services of the OAED and the Labour Inspectorate through the possibility of electronic access to them, however, the dysfunction of the system carries many risks to fines for a businessman.

The careful management required has brought our team to the ideal partner for the issue, management and budget of a company's payroll. With expertise, a great cognitive background of the relevant legislation as well as many years of experience in the issue of payroll and the management of labour issues, we provide the safety and confidence that your work will be done properly without experiencing no issue concerning insurance contributions.


The payroll issuance department is well staffed numerically and qualitatively so that we can carry out every change you are literally asking us in a short time. This means that we are annihilating the chances of a possible fine even in a sudden on-the-spot check.
Important: We offer the ability to issue and manage payroll without necessarily the accounting monitoring of your business by us - The special payroll department operates separately.


Payroll management services:
• Issue and management of payroll
• Creation and maintenance of an integrated payroll and labour records in the business
• Checking the correctness of previous years in the issue of payroll, the insurance imaging of employees, the existence and type of employment contracts, the time limits for the filing of documents, etc.
• Direct submission to the electronic system ERGANI of all documents relating to the lawful employment of staff, such as recruitment, withdrawals, part-time contracts, termination of contract, redundancies, work programmes and amending tables annual employment tables, leave books, etc.
• Collection and Processing of all payroll data for the monthly calculation
• Sending payroll statements at the close of the month
• Send detailed payment receipts of employees end-month per store per employee
• Creation and dispatch of an electronic employee payment file to the bank to pay the payroll
• Drafting and submission of DDS 
• Applications for your business to participate in subsidized work programs through OAED
• Integrated maintenance and deposit of the necessary documents for subsidized OAED programs
• Payroll cost calculation scenarios 
• Personalized employment cost reduction solutions
• Creation of alternative proposals based on the operating needs of the enterprise
• Inventory of the business in IKA as an project

• Training and sending annual remuneration certificates per employee
• Preparation and submission of a yearly leave book to ERGANI
• Issuing of insurance information, at the request of
• Support in the selection and drafting of the correct employment contract
• Possibility of daily communication and support either by telephone or by email, during working hours, all year round
• Possibility of meeting at your place or in our space if it is judged that it is not possible to resolve your issue remotely
• Timely information of an entrepreneur and internal business accounting on current changes in labour law.
• Support for internal accounting in matters of labour and insurance, with regard to questions and problems arising (Sundays, holidays, night, overtime, overwork, etc.)

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