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New start

Are you ready for a new start?
Setting up a business may seem easy but if someone wants to do so properly then he needs experienced consultants next to him, with experience and appetite, who will offer them the complete support and guidance both in the beginning and during the during his professional career.


►Concieving the idea
►Preparation of a business plan
►Find the necessary funds
►Select a business format
►Select partners and operatation plan



Select the right partners

Collaborate with our firm that has a large and experienced team.
Nowdays with the crisis knocking on the door of many businesses, only well-organized businesses will be able to survive and remain competitive. That's why choosing the right partners is a strategic option that can judge your success.

Logistiki Sinepia Kalogirou will become your main partner from the start and will remain that way every step of the way to success.

If you're thinking of starting a business of your own through a franchising network, it's best to take into account 5 parameters that can help you.

Offer & Demand 
As in any other case you will have to study the competition of the region and the product you offer. Similarly, you should also study the demand that this product may have in this area, regardless of the success that this franchise may have made in other regions.
All moves should be integrated into an organized business plan in order to be properly costed. That way you'll know the amount of capital you're going to need.
Education & Training 
If you belong in case you do not fully know the object you want to deal with, it is advisable to choose a franchise that offers and training the investor and his staff.
Ideal cases, which usually cost more, are the already successful franchise chains as they have acquired the know-how to help you succeed.
Each company that offers the possibility of using their brand name through the franchise sets some restrictions and some commitments regarding the operation and design of the stores, the purchase of the goods and the prices of the products.

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