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Establishment and operation of a franchise store

Establishment and operation of a franchise store
In recent years franchise chains have maintained a steady upward trajectory, despite the fact that the financial crisis has affected a particularly large number of small and medium-sized enterprises. 
As a result, there are a significant number of franchise brands, in which each interested party has the opportunity to invest, while for their part, franchise chains are looking for the right candidates – investors to develop their brand.

Although the franchise is constantly bringing new business ideas to the fore," it hides and several pitfalls for those who start without the right support. 
For this reason, with extensive experience in the establishment and management of a franchise store, we are able to support your project as a whole, providing specialized services for both interested investors and brands.

In detail, franchise support services include:
• Pricing Policy
• Analysis of Operating Procedures
• Legal – Tax actions and Procedures
• Computerization
• Human resources procedures
• Personnel training
• Communication Issues (View and Advertising)
• Presentation of the system by providing all necessary information to prospective investors.
• Basic terms of the Franchise Agreement
• Trade terms and transactions between the parties
• Economic Cooperation Analysis
• Provision to the licensee, support services for operation and organisation of the partner network

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