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Company Profile

LOGISTIKI SINEPIA KALOGIROU has been active since 1983 in accounting and tax services in the city of Thessaloniki and the wider region of Macedonia and Thrace.

Our office is a 2nd generation family business, with great tradition and experience in the field of tax services for professionals and individuals.

We stand by the entrepreneur from the beginning of his effort, covering the start of new businesses, as well as the renewal, upgrading or reorganization in active business.

Through an integrated framework of services such as accounting support, tax planning, choice of an appropriate legal entity, issue and payroll management, staff training and entrepreneur, but also timely information on everything that business, we ensure excellent accounting management for each professional activity.

Our philosophy
We believe it is very important that a company can have all the services it needs in the immediate moment, reliably, responsibly and in just one move. That is why from the very first moment of our activity we aim at direct and reliable service through personal work, knowledge, experience, and more productive modern means.

Why Us
Experience and knowledge, timely and valid information, sound technological support, our wide network of partners and personal interest in your business are the reasons we guarantee high efficiency through an integrated and modern range of services.

   Validity & Timely information
  Knowledge of each professional sector
   Intensive monitoring


   Continuous evolution
   Organization & Prevention 
   Resolve issues now


Our methodology
We collect your business's financial data on a weekly basis and through correct analyses, make the right predictions to make good business decisions, achieving a reduction in the tax and insurance burden, under applicable legislation.

We treat each of our partners individually, approaching each case methodically, through specialized solutions, which are designed exclusively for his needs.

Confidentiality is a priority for us. Since the beginning of a partnership and throughout, we have kept absolute secrecy in relation to the data of each company.


Always based on the achievement of our customers' goals, we choose to work with renowned executives, who have training and knowledge of the market. For this reason, we are constantly investing in the development of our human resources, aiming at maintaining the quality of the services provided.
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