European Regional Development Fund

Business Book Keeping Accounting

The accounting bookkeeping of each company is a particularly demanding case, which needs careful handling, both to avoid painful errors and to develop its turnover.
Through careful monitoring of accounting books and continuous updating, an entrepreneur ensures the longevity of his business, is driven to timely decisions about the future of his business and is located constantly alert in order to deal with any contingencies.

Our company has specialized human resources in the field of business accounting support and is able to provide immediate solutions and impeccable service to treat your business's daily life safely and confidently.

Accounting services for professionals:
• Posting documents in an accounting program
• Registration of documents on the Finance Ministry's platform for e-books
• Issue and Submission of VAT returns
• Publication and submission of tables of intra-Community deliveries and acquisitions
• Compliance with the intrastat system (movement of goods within the European Union)
• Handling of bureaucratic procedures and transactions with the State Department (Tax Office, Insurance Organizations, G.E.M.I., Chambers).
• Preparation and submission of annual aggregated customer-supplier statements
• Aggregated invoices agreement 
• Compile and update a fixed asset registry
• Informing management every two months or per month about the financial data of the company, as derived from the books kept, i.e. results statement
• Evaluation of the operation of the company's internal accounting and improvement proposals
• Proposal for a software package according to the needs of the company
• Preparation and signature of Annual Financial Statements.
• Drafting and signing of Income Tax Returns.
• Dealing with regular, partial or cross-checks by any tax authority
• Information in a timely manner on debts and payment deadlines

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